You can get a pretty accurate glimpse of us just by knowing how tortured we were having to write an “About Us” section.

Truly, we cringed the entire time. We wondered if we could pay someone on Etsy to do it. Then we grew more uncomfortable about the idea of someone else writing nice things about us. So, here we are now…cringing.

We are Amanda and Katie. We live in Texas and have 5 daughters between the two of us. The pet count should be inserted here, but that seems to change daily.

Our friendship began on a mission trip to Guatemala. We met at 5:00am on the way to the airport and it’s miraculous we spoke at all. We are NOT morning people, just ask our husbands. But since then we have rarely stopped to take a breath, again…just ask our husbands. Even those rare silences are usually filled by Bitmoji’s.

We decided starting a blog at 40 years old seemed desperate, so we are starting ours at 39, keeping ourselves clearly in the not desperate zone. Nailed it.

We appreciate real people with a wicked sense of humor. We are drawn to friends that can belly laugh their way through the hard stuff in life, just as easily as the good stuff. Humor as a defense mechanism is our favorite form of dysfunction. There are worse ways to handle things. Sensing the light enough to laugh keeps you alive through some dark stuff.

Even though we much prefer the days that bring laughter, we have also experienced our own struggles.  Our trials belong to us individually and personally, but we have learned that we are not alone.  Everyone suffers in this life.  And we all need a tribe of people.  But we need a tribe that is willing to live authentically.  And so, with this blog we aspire to tell stories, laugh, love, inspire, learn, share, connect, grow, and struggle while living wholeheartedly. And also to share videos that are useless but funny, and probably involve dogs doing something useless but funny.

Life can be painfully hard, but it is also unbelievably good. We believe humor is the best way to bridge that gap.
Thus, Sprained Funny Bone.

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